About us

Something Wicked This Way Comes.....
Bad Dahlia is in it's Baby Bat phase, only being Established in 2019.
Made for all the ghouls out there that like to have fun with their look and raise a little hell!

I like to say that I was raised by Punks, and adopted by Goths.
I have been so blessed to be in the presences of many that have and will define what it means to be ALTERNATIVE.
I adore all alternative subcultures and the creative fashions that unite us all.
Sometimes you have to just stop and admire the beauty in the abnormal.
Bad Dahlia is an extension of what it means to DO YOU.
We have one chance to make it count, so live for you.
Be whoever you choose to be, and break a lot of rules along the way!

-Marie Munsterful